Air-conditioned clothes help Japan beat heat

As jackets go it looks far from fashionable, but its Japanese maker cannot meet sky-rocketing demand for "air conditioned" coats with built-in fans.

Kuchofuku Co. Ltd — whose name literally means "air-conditioned clothing" — has seen orders soar amid power shortages in Japan after the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

As parts of the nation sweat out an uncomfortable summer shackled by restrictions on electricity use, demand has grown for goods that provide guilt-free respite from the unrelenting summer heat.

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  1. These jackets are a wonderful innovation.  I wonder if a heater could be included so that they can become genuine all year round wear?  To venture out in the winter and have warm air drawn into the jacket would not only be a luxury, but the cushion of warm air held between your body and the outer garment would provide ideal isolation.  I wonder if Kuchofuku Co. Ltd have looked into this possibility?

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