BionicBong Publishes it’s first Literary Magazine “Things Japanese”

We had a call for submissions last summer for people to enter their stories inspired by Japan and things Japanese and the results of those submissions have been accumulated together in our newly released book, “Things Japanese“. We are proud to have had so many wonderful entries to fill the pages of this book and we’re excited about this announcement.

We’ve also decided with the sale of these books to try to give back to the world a little more than just the sharing of these stories. We decided to give $500 in support of various charities for every 100 books sold through March 15th, 2009. The first $500 in support will go directly to charities in support for Haiti as we believe it is the most in need at the moment. Furthermore, with every additional 100 copies of the book we will be supporting these causes and charities: Clean Water – Charity:Water, World Hunger – World Food Programme, Immunization – GAVI-Alliance, Alleviating Poverty – KIVA. We hope that this will inspire you to be supportive of this book and its cause.

The book is a collection of short stories that celebrates contemporary writing on things Japanese. We hope that these stories will warm your heart, leave you feeling fuzzy and warm, and crave things Japanese as we do. The stories are rooted in direct experience of things Japanese that explore relationships, perceptions, attitudes, culture, identity, and desire. Theses stories confirm that Japan continues to fascinate and touch people on many levels.

Please support this book and share it with your friends as we would very much like to do this again soon and all the best to everyone that can contribute to this book’s success and cause.


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