Cool images of the Evangelion Race Team

These images are from the first day of racing of Run’a Entertainment’s “Evangelion RT-01 apr Corolla” team in the Super GT300-class grand touring championship series.

The Team’s Toyota Corolla Axio was painted in homage to the anime’s Evangelion EVA-01 unit and the uniforms of drivers Koki Saga and Kosuke Matsuura were designed after the plug suit of the anime’s main character Shinji Ikari. The “race queen” models Noa Mizutani and Yuuna Chiba wore outfits inspired by the characters Rei and Asuka.

On this day of racing the Evangelion RT-01 apr Corolla team finished the Fuji Speedway round in 9th place. Another Corolla Axio apr GT team won the race.

Images © Khara
© 2010 RUN’A Entertainment, Inc.

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