Hatoyama still Takes Heart!

Love him or hate him? Either way he’s a singing fool.

Hatoyama, the Singing Japanese PM is ready and set to go to the top of music charts after a pop song he recorded more than two decades ago was re-released.

The 62-year-old’s CD, Take Heart – Tobitate Heiwa no Tori yo (Take Heart – Fly, Dove of Peace), is in shops across the country.

The newly-elected leader recorded the song 22 years ago. According to Teichiku Entertainment the song was initially made into a record in the summer of 1987. About 100 records were produced back then and they were never sold, although Hatoyama presented them to his supporters in 1989.

“I very much like both the lyrics and melody. But I think I’m a better singer now,” Mr Hatoyama said, before the track’s re-release.

Source: SkyNews

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