Ken Hirai Married?! どうしてねえ!


       Ken Hirai (平井堅) is famous for his sensitive ballads, style, and often “Western” facial features has, according to sources, tied the knot in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. The internet forums are a blaze with rumors that the J-pop superstar said his vows to longtime boyfriend at a ni-chōme restaurant (二丁目), a famous LGBT hub of subculture that houses most of Tokyo’s gay bars.

              The Pop Star singer, of course, has never confirmed or denied his sexuality but most people either suspect or know for a fact. According to an industry insider, “ Ken-chan rented out a restaurant in ni-chōme and held a private gay wedding ceremony. This is true since my partner attended that ceremony.” If this is the case, then K-Hirais (name for fans) everywhere will be both disheartened but eventually happy he found love. This sudden wedding will not hamper record sales which have been steady throughout his career. His most recent album peaked at number 3 on the Japanese charts.

       Tabloids speculate that the newlywed is the man Hirai has been photographed alongside numerous times in Tokyo, a tallish scruffy, athletic built man in his early 40s. This again, however, is just speculation.

             Photos of the wedding have yet to leak, but this rumor could prove to be just that, a rumor. In 2008, Hirai was romantically linked to singer and actor OdaYuji (織田裕二), which proved to be false–a welcomed relief to netizens who thought the match was quite imperfect. Will the singer announce his marriage or deny it? Fans will surely wait in anticipation, but until then they can just listen to his sanguine, cool voice to his new album Japanese Singer.

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