McDonalds DS Revolution – Training their employees through videogames

If you haven’t used the Nintendo Zone service at McDonalds, then you aren’t taking full advantage of your DS. You should try downloading the multitude of demos, information and other exclusive content available at McDonalds for DS systems.

But, that isn’t the news here. Nope, cause now the DS will be leaping over the counter and will soon be helping to get you an order of fries.

Nikkei reported yesterday that McDonalds Japan will begin using the DS as an employee training tool later this year. The chain is developing a DS training program called “eSmart.” New part time employees will train through this software. Excluding the cost of software development, the program’s cost will be around 200 million yen.


Using the new DS software, McDonalds believes it can cut training time in half over conventional methods, in part due to the familiarity of the DS system.

Nintendo has gotta be lovin’ it.

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