New Mobile Drama, Himitsu no Kankei ~Sensei wa Doukyonin~ starring Kotaro Koizumi and Saki Fukuda

Kotaro Koizumi (31) and Saki Fukuda (19) are co-starring in a new mobile drama titled “Himitsu no Kankei ~Sensei wa Doukyonin~,” starting distribution on July 1 through BeeTV.

Described as a love comedy, the story has Fukuda playing a high school student whose parents die, leaving her with no other relatives. She begins living with her homeroom teacher (Koizumi), leading to an odd lifestyle for both of them.

Koizumi and Fukuda worked together once before in the 2006 drama series “Fushin no Toki,” but they hardly appeared in the same scenes, so this will be their first true co-acting experience. Other cast members include Eriko Sato (28), Akiyoshi Nakao (21), and Sei Hiraizumi (66).

The series is planned to last for 13 episodes, each about 10 minutes long. The theme song will be “I Believe” by JURIAN BEAT CRISIS.

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