Celebrity to Newscaster – Inohara to cast the new Asaichi morning news show

On Thursday, NHK announced that V6’s Yoshihiko Inohara (33) will serve as a regular newscaster on the network’s new morning show, “Asaichi.” The show will air weekdays at 8:15am, starting on March 29.

NHK revealed its plans for a large-scale morning program a couple months ago. The show “Seikatsu Hot Morning” (8:35-9:25am) is ending, and “Asaichi” will take its place. The time slot is being expanded to 8:15-9:55am, which pushes the network’s Asadora slot to an earlier 8:00-8:15am time.

NHK has been broadcasting morning news shows since 1966, but Inohara’s appointment marks the first time that a celebrity has been used as a caster on one of them.

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