Japan to Spend $2.9 Billion to Clean Up Tepco Radiation Leaks

Japan will allocate 220 billion yen ($2.87 billion) to clean up in areas contaminated by radiation spewed from Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s crippled Fukushima Dai- Ichi nuclear plant, Kyodo News reported.

The government aims to reduce the level of radiation exposure to less than 1 millisievert per year soon, Kyodo News reported yesterday, citing Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano. Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who said yesterday he’s stepping down from office, will visit Fukushima today to explain the government’s decontamination plans for the region, according to a separate Kyodo report.

The meltdown of the nuclear plant following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami forced thousands of Fukushima prefecture residents to evacuate. Prolonged exposure to radiation in the air, ground and food may cause leukemia and other cancers, according to the London-based World Nuclear Association.

Read the rest of the story: Japan to Spend $2.9 Billion to Clean Up Tepco Radiation Spills, Kyodo Says.

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