Can Japan spend it’s way to a brighter future?

Daisuke Horii just collected his summer bonus. It was only slightly more than last year, but enough to compel the 34-year-old shopping mall clerk to Tokyo’s electronics district to look for some high-end speakers.RelatedIn Japan, Prices Stabilize for the First Time in Months June 28, 2013Enlarge This Image Ko Sasaki for The New York TimesA shopper, left, and a clerk at Hankyu department store.

“Things are generally looking brighter, aren’t they?” Mr. Horii said, as he scrutinized, then dismissed, cheaper alternatives at the bustling Yodobashi Camera electronics store. The Bose ones he has his eye on, which he’ll hook up to his TV, go for about $400.

“I don’t really need it, but I want it,” he said. “A good economy means you can buy things you don’t really need.”

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