Odds are Noda as New PM by Months End

Whither Japan tries to focus on drivers of Japan’s medium- and long-term future, and to avoid the topical, quotidian, and pedestrian.  Japanese politics, hence, although we are obliged to and do follow it, is something about which we do not often post. 

The occasion for today’s message is the likelihood that in ten days Japan will choose its sixth prime minister in six years.

He is likely to be the Finance Minister, Noda Yoshihiko, a 54 year old long serving Dietman, graduate of Waseda University, pro-business, fiscal conservative.The current PM, Kan Naoto, a week ago finally confirmed in words that are not easily waffled that he will resign as soon as the Diet passes two pieces of legislation, a deficit bond issuance authority, and an alternative energy bill.  The Diet session ends on August 31.

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