Outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease cripples Japan’s Livestock

Japan, scrambling to contain an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, will slaughter all livestock within 10 kilometres of the disease-hit areas, the government said Wednesday. The highly contagious virus has brought to a halt all Japanese beef and pork exports for the past month and crippled the premium beef industry in the affected Miyazaki prefecture on the southwestern island of Kyushu. Japan had already designated more than 118,000 cows, buffalo, pigs and goats from 131 affected farms to be destroyed. About half of them have already been put down in selected culls, latest government figures showed.

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  1. As of 6/19/10, there are 291 affected farms and around 200,000 pigs and cattled have been slaughtered. About 100,000 livestocks will be killed within 2 weeks. The FMD outbroke in early May, but Japan central government did not provide enough support to Miyazaki Prefecture until May 17th, 2010. During the outbreak, Mr. Hirotaka Akamatsu, a former agricultural mister, visited Cuba, Mexico, etc. without any order to contain the disease. He later resigned his post when Japan's prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, stepped down the post on June 2nd, 2010. Meanwhile, Japan's major newspapers, TVs, etc. did not report the failure of the central government to contain the FMD disease. Instead, pro – Democratic Party of Japan cental mass-media spread biased report such as “Miyazaki Prefecture failed to contained the disease”…etc. Miyazaki is a leading livestock producer of Japan, the 2nd in pigs production, and the 3rd in cattle production, and Miyazaki-born cattles become famous prime beef such as well-known Kobe beef, Saga beef, Matsuzaka beef after being sold to those areas; however, the prefecture is also known as pro – The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, a former leading political party who was defeated by the Democratic Party of Japan at 2009 Lower House Election. Therefore, it is seemed that current government did not give support to contain the disease until FMD severely damages Miyazaki Prefecture.
    In England, a former prime minister Brea postponed national election when FMD outbroke because more than 6,500,000 of livesotcks were slaughtered in 2001 and damaged $14 billion. However, The Democratic Party of Japan focus on a upcoming Upper House Election right now even though FMD has not been contained yet.

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