Radioactive waste shipload coming to Japan

Japan will soon receive its first shipment of highly radioactive waste amid the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant triple-meltdown crisis that started in March, and at a time when the storage of such dangerous substances is increasingly problematic.

The freighter Pacific Grebe set sail from Britain on Aug. 3 with more than 30 tons of radioactive waste on board. The cargo, Japanese spent fuel reprocessed in the U.K., is returning sealed in 76 stainless steel canisters packed into 130-ton containers. It is set to arrive early next month at Mutsu-Ogawara port in Aomori Prefecture for delivery to Japan Nuclear Fuel’s nearby Rokkasho storage site.

About 400 km south of the port, thousands of workers are struggling to contain radiation leaks, amounting to some 300 tons of atomic waste, from Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s crippled plant.

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