YouTube records seized in leaked video probe

Tokyo prosecutors on Tuesday seized records from the operator of the YouTube video-sharing website as they try to identify who posted videos of the September incident between Japanese patrol boats and a Chinese fishing boat near the Senkaku Islands, investigative sources said.

By tracking down the Internet Protocol address of the computer from which the videos were posted on YouTube, investigators could identify who was responsible for leaking the footage. An IP address is a numeric address given to each computer connected to the Internet.

But if the videos, totaling 44 minutes divided into six clips, were uploaded via a computer used by an unspecified number of people, such as at an Internet cafe, it would be difficult to identify the person responsible, the sources said.

YouTube is run by a subsidiary of Google Inc. of the U.S. Although the Google camp has expressed willingness to cooperate with the investigation, the prosecutors believe it would be difficult for the search site to voluntarily submit user information, given its policy of keeping such data secret, the sources said.

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