Japan Panel finds utility at fault for response to nuclear disaster

Japan’s response to the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was flawed by poor communication and delays in releasing data on dangerous radiation leaks at the facility, which was struck by an earthquake-triggered tsunami on March 11, a government-appointed investigative panel has found.

The report attaches blame to both Japan’s central government as well as the utility that operates the plant — the Tokyo Electric Power Co. — depicting a scene of harried officials incapable of making decisions to stem radiation leaks as the situation at the coastal plant worsened in the days and weeks following the disaster.

The 507-page interim report, the product of interviews with hundreds of utility workers and government officials, said poor planning also worsened the disaster response, noting that authorities had grossly underestimated tsunami risks that followed the 9.0-magnitude earthquake.

Read the rest of the story: Report: Japan, utility at fault for response to nuclear disaster.

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