Kato Keisuke, Tonooka Erika to star in “Godzilla” play

Management agency Box Corporation is currently in its 30th year, and it is planning and producing its first stage play as a special project before the year is up. The company will put on a production of playwright Ohashi Yasuhiko’s award-winning 1988 play, “Godzilla.” Actor Kato Keisuke (22) and Idoling!!! member Tonooka Erika (20) have been chosen as co-stars.

Kato will play the iconic monster Godzilla, while Tonooka will play a young girl who falls in love with him. It appears that Kato will not be wearing a Godzilla costume for the part.

The supporting casts (some roles have been double-cast) include Ueno Natsuhi, Ito Yuna (not to be confused with the singer), Nagano Serina, Ito Kana, Kuriki Ai, Tozuka Junki, Nanba Shohei, Sakaguchi Ryo, and Deleanu Satoshi.

“Onnanoko Monogatari” director Morioka Toshiyuki will be in charge of directing. Performances will be held at Shinjuku’s Theater Moliere from September 30 to October 2.

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