Marshmallow 3D Charity Boob Grab

‘Only in Japan’: a hackneyed phrase, certainly, though we can’t think of many other countries where the groping of an all-female pop group for charity would be considered ‘OK’. We’re not talking about one porn star groping another here, either. This is something the general public is welcome to get involved in, organised as part of a 24-hour telethon by Japanese adult channel Paradise TV. For a suggested donation of ¥1,000 ($12.94 at the time of writing), the average Jo is allowed five squeezes of a pair of breasts, with all proceeds going to the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention.

The pop group in question is Marshmallow 3D, an ‘idol unit’ that, according to The Real Live Web, have hopes of becoming a popular pop sensation – although the fact that this particular ‘jun ai’ (‘pure love’) trio were put together by Paradise TV suggests that they might not be quite so innocent.

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