Nagoya Cops take a walk on the wild side -Not under the covers, but undercover

The Aichi prefectural police have given new meaning to the term “undercover cop.” In an attempt to foil purse-snatchers, male officers are dressing like women. Top, two police officers in drag check out their hair, makeup and attire one last time at a police station in Nagoya’s Naka Ward before hitting the nighttime streets, above. Not every member of the police unit has what it takes to step into the new role. Only four male officers were chosen–mainly for their slender “feminine” bodies and their exceptional martial arts skills. While none managed to catch a thief in the seven patrols undertaken since late October, the crew appears to have done a good job at fooling other men. One 25-year-old police officer, who makes a point of walking with his knees close together, admitted he felt somewhat uneasy when a male driver called out to him and offered him a ride home.

Source: IHT/Asahi: November 26,2009

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