Shinzo Abe: Japan’s True PM for the People – Going Where no PM has Gone Before – Finally

Shinzo Abe in his second round as Prime Minister of Japan, has drawn a line in the sand, grown a backbone, and turned around a pathetically apologetic image of Japan. He’s taken the prosperity of Japan and but it back into the hands of its people and its government. He’s also taken pride in what it is to be Japanese. He’s done this all in the name of the Japanese people, who have needed in the wake of increasing aggression and slanderous misinformation from both Korea and China to once again take pride in themselves and in their country. The values of the people of Japan today have not anything to do with the apologies of the past, despite the fuel that is leading to continued hostility — see the latest missteps of the New York State Senate passing laws on comfort women for Korea to the latest actions of both China and Korea to still try to extract and more importantly expect money and apologies for war crimes of WWII that are over 70 years past all while questioning claims to territory and testing boundaries.

What a wondrous Prime Minister to bring pride to his country once again and to stand up to ridiculous ridicule. There is no more time for apologies or for compensation for past accusations or aggressions. The time is now, and now is hostile and abusive carelessness in it’s recurring and regressive nature. Peace should be what these countries should be offering future generations. Change should be what matters, not the past. Abe is delivering this. He’s delivering great change.

However, there’s no reason for Japan to ever doubt its ability to change or it’s place in the world. They are a major player on the world stage and can have top billing, if they so care to take the role. Shinzo Abe has spoken for the people of Japan and has cast himself into a new era of change that Japan and its people will have to recognize. May the people of Japan be with him as he continues to lead them into the future.

If the rest of asia wishes to continue down the road they are paving, then what of tomorrow? Are they doomed to repeat the past since they seem to not be able to move past it?

Will Abe end the cycle of 1-year PM’s in Japan? Will his support and the new found strength of Japan continue and last?

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