Shukan Bunshun Held Cop’s Confession for 2 years After Murdering Elderly Couple in Toyama

Wednesday’s edition of the weekly tabloid Shukan Bunshun printed the confession of a former police officer that he anonymously sent in 2010 after murdering an elderly couple in Toyama Prefecture and burning their house down. 54 year old Takeshi Kano sent the confession on a homemade CD two months after strangling a 79 and 75 year old, but the tabloid never did anything with it until now.

Police say that Kano, who served as an assistant inspector in Toyama, has admitted to making the statement and sending it to the magazine. His confession said that he had committed the murder-arson and police hadn’t yet approached him. He admitted to being in difficult circumstances and needing money, as well as offering to sell the exclusive story. Kano apparently presented the same offer to two other tabloids at the time, however the publications claim they never received any such anonymous confession. The Shukan Bunshun says it contacted police about the CD at the time, refusing to voluntarily give it up, but never got a response. The confession was eventually confiscated in August of last year.

Kano was finally arrested in late December, charged with killing Saburo Fukuda and his wife, Nobuko, then setting fire to the building they lived in to cover it up. While he had been given 10 merit awards during his time as an officer, and had known the couple for almost 30 years, he admitted to killing them because he was in debt to the husband for 2 million yen (approx. $24,000), which he couldn’t pay back.

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