Woodford: In Japan, a foreigner speaks out

As he tucks his tie into his shirt and digs into a plate of Dover sole in a London restaurant, it’s hard to imagine that this down-to-earth 51-year-old Englishman is at war with one of Japan’s biggest corporations.

Woodford is taking on the leaders of Olympus Corp., one of Japan’s most venerable camera makers. He was made CEO of the company in early October. But two weeks later, on October 14, the board sacked him for what chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa said was Woodford’s failure to understand the company’s management style and Japanese culture.

Woodford says he was dismissed for questioning a series of odd-looking deals and hefty payments the company had made over the past half decade, including the biggest mergers and acquisitions fee ever.

Read the rest of the story: Special Report: In Japan, a foreigner speaks out.

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