He’s a snowboarder! Why Apologize? Kokubo?

Upon arrival for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Japan Ski Association promptly banned 21 year-old snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo for not properly wearing his suit-and-tie Olympic outfit to the proper specifications. Coming off the plane, Kokubo had loosened his tie, untucked his shirt and lowered his pants, which to be perfectly honest, was a better match for his signature dreadlocks than the standard look.


So Sorry!!! Come on people he’s a snowboarder get over it. He no more wanted to say sorry for anything than he wanted to look the part. He’s just fitting the bill. It comes with territory.

Kokubo knows more about the sport that he’s an Olympic hopeful in than anyone else. Let him be…cool.

Read more of the story: CNN

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