Stronger, intimate, and superb: Ken Hirai

Singer Ken Hirai (平井堅) will hold the 15th Anniversary of Ken’s Bar, a special live concert, celebrating his most memorable and influential songs on both May 29th and 30th in the Nippon Budokan (日本武道館). Since his discovery in a SONY singing competition in 1993, Ken Hiria has released songs showcasing himself as a devout romantic singer unafraid of exposing his sentiments to his fans.

Hirai’s most notable song 瞳 を 閉じて (close eyes) describes an enduring devotion to a past love. The song’s focus is on overcoming a once blossoming affair that provided comfort and an impalpable certitude that the person lying opposite him every morning would remain present in his life forever.  His dream is shattered but he lingers between hopefulness and disparity that his loved one will someday return. In other words,  the memory of his lost love is sufficient to carry him forward: ひとみ を 閉じて を 描くよ それ  だけ で いい. Hirai illustrates what everyone confronts once a relationship ends: the yearning to salvage a wonderful time of being in love forever. He brings this emotion forward through his raw vocals that he refuses to disguise in synthetic electronic sounds.

With effortless vocals and accompanying instruments meshing well together, Hirai and the members of his band easily portray strong and even subtle emotions in every song–gloomy or cheerful. 

Ken Hirai will not be appearing on any gossip website for his party ways, love affairs, promiscuity, or raunchy behavior any time soon. He is foremost devoted to improving his artistry, while composing albums that are simultaneously different and fresh. Hirai is definitely an artist who deserves recognition for his current trajectory as he doesn’t rely on dance electronic hits or synth voices to cement his “talent” in the music industry. Instead, Hirai has earned fame for his heart felt singing and signature serene vocals that make you believe his songs are for you alone, a secret for you and him to share.

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