Ten People Killed Climping Mountains in Japan – Mount Tomuraushi, Mount Biei – Hokkaido

Ten people were killed after getting caught in bad weather while climbing mountains in Hokkaido, in northern Japan, police said.

Nine people died on the 2,141-meter (7,024-feet) Mount Tomuraushi and one person was killed on 2,052-meter Mount Biei, police spokesman Yuji Kikuchi said by telephone today. He didn’t have details on how they died.

A guide in a group of 18 people climbing Mount Tomuraushi called the police for help yesterday, saying they were stuck on the mountain due to severe weather conditions.

Eight climbers in the group were killed while several of the others were injured. Hitoshi Matsumoto, a male climber in the group who was reported missing, was rescued and is being taken care of, Kikuchi said.

Another body was found on the mountain, though rescuers haven’t determined whether he was part of the same group, the police said.

A guide in a group of six people climbing nearby Mount Biei phoned the local fire department yesterday saying one of their members was suffering hypothermia and needed help. Atsuko Onoue, a female climber aged 64, was confirmed dead, Kikuchi said.

The mountains are part of a range northeast of Sapporo, the main city on Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s four main islands.

Report by Bloomberg

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