The Last Footage Filmed by Mika Yamamoto

Colleagues of the Japanese journalist shot dead in a gunfight between Syrian forces and rebels in Aleppo have released footage filmed by Mika Yamamoto just hours before she died.

Ms Yamamoto, a 45-year-old award-winning journalist working for the Tokyo-based independent news agency, Japan Press, was fatally wounded while travelling with the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo. She became the first Japanese national killed in the 17-month conflict.

Read the rest of the story: Video: Syria: last footage filmed by killed Japanese journalist released.

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  1.  Poor Mika. She died, like all journalists killed covering foreign wars, a hero. It breaks my heart. She was a very sweet intelligent and
    selfless person. Her main goal in going into these areas was to show the
    plight of war’s most innocent victims; women and children caught in the
    middle. RIP Mika Yamamoto, -Oh that you could have lived in peace

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