Japan: Journalists Tour Devastated Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Operators at Japan’s earthquake and tsunami-ravaged Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant ushered journalists clad in protective clothing through the plant on Monday, just weeks ahead of the first anniversary of the March 11 disasters.

Reporters from about 30 Japanese and foreign media organizations entered the wrecked facility by bus and were allowed to leave the vehicle once. All carried respiration masks and radiation detectors, as they heard the plant’s director apologize to nearby residents forced to flee their homes last year to avoid radiation contamination.

“We’re deeply sorry about (the) great inconvenience we caused with the accident. It will soon have been a year since the occurrence and when I look back, the worst part of it was that we couldn’t evacuate the local residents from their hometowns and the whole country the fear of radiation.”

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