Remains of missing Kanazawa housewife found buried in the sand

The remains of missing Kanazawa housewife Haruna Fukuda, 27, were discovered buried in the sand at a beach in Onebu, Ishikawa Prefecture, on Thursday. Around 50 police officers had been searching beaches for her belongings since Feb 17.

Fukuda had been missing since she left home in her car on Feb 6 after telling her parents that she was going to collect some money that was owed to her by a male acquaintance. After she failed to return home, she was reported missing. On Feb 21, it was reported that Ishikawa prefectural police had confiscated the car of a 35-year-old freelance cameraman, who was commissioned to work for public broadcaster NHK, on suspicion that he had been involved in the woman’s disappearance.

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