Tropical Storm Leepi Aims for Japan

Leepi was on track for a rain-soaked clip with Japan after pulling well clear of the Philippines on Wednesday.

Leepi, neither seen as posing a typhoon threat nor the damaging winds this would imply, was instead expected to trigger heavy, potentially flooding rain, in its brush with Japan between Thursday and Saturday.

As of Wednesday morning, EDT, the center of Tropical Cyclone Leepi was located about 280 miles east-southeast of Taipei, Taiwan, or about 1,200 miles southwest of Tokyo, Japan, heading northward at nearly 15 mph, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) said. Highest sustained winds were still only 40 mph.

Leepi was forecast to veer northeastward over the East China Sea beginning Thursday, tracking there after near or south of Japan through Saturday. At this time, interaction with a rainy cold front over Japan was anticipated, the forecast result being outbreaks of heavy rain and potential flooding over the southwestern half of the nation.

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