A walk near Amaterasu

In the earliest legends surrounding the origins of Japan, the Goddess called Amaterasu was known as the Sun Goddess.  Amaterasu is also said to be linked in lineage to the Imperial Household of Japan and the Emperor.

In one of the legends she shut herself in a cave when angered by her brother and for a period there was no light until she was lured out.  She is also associated with water and is said to have resided around the area of Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture.

At this time last year, we took a trip to Nobeoka to find traces of the famous Goddess, hoping to catch some glimpses of her shimmering spirit in the afternoon light, surrounded by the magical falls of Takachiho.

Then we made a wish at a nearby shrine where Amaterasu was said to have stayed, that the legend of Amaterasu and her beautiful light will live on in Japan and throughout the world.

Happy late days of fall and happy travels in Japan to wherever the spirit might move you this season to visit.


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