White Tai-Yaki!

White Tai-Yaki
White Tai-Yaki

Down in the south of Japan, in Oita, white tai-yaki is BIG news.

Is this happening where you live?  New stands, stalls, and small shops are opening up all over advertising the sweet yet fishy phenomenon.

The traditional style tai-yaki are waffle-like golden brown  fish shaped treats filled with red or white bean paste.

The new white tai-yaki are made from tapioca and have a mochi-like consistency.

You can find white tai-yaki filled with anything from the traditional red beans to custard, chocolate, and even mentaiko.

The real fish eggs (mentaiko) inside of a fish-shaped sweet can be startling at first bite.  It is  an unusual gastronomic moment where the boundary between food types becomes blurred.   It is one of those inventive and rare juxtapositions of taste found only in Japan.

Make your own tai-yaki at home.



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