A must have winter accessory for this year–Ear Muffs

This year, one kakasenai (can’t do without) fashion item is sure to warm your ears and catch the eyes of fashion conscious passers-by.

hamburger earmuffs
Along with simple earmuffs in glorious plush winter whites and browns, you can find fashiony puffs in heart, smile and even hamburger shapes.


There are also ear warmers, attached to woven bands that fit snuggly like a headband to keep out the winter chill.

Keep warm this winter from ear to ear.

Only next winter will tell if the trend lives on from year to year.


Aikawarazu Life in Japan

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  1. and where can i find this brand and exactly the same shape, i saw it on secret garden episode 13 and I WANT TO HAVE IT her color, please let me know!!!

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