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life in japan

A look inside the lives of people living in Japan. is proud to present the Life in Japan Blogs Project. It’s a place where people from Japan can talk about their lives. If, you live in Japan you can sign up for a free Life in Japan Blog below or if you just feel like submitting an article you can. If you are interested in what our posters are sharing in the Life in Japan section, let them know and leave your comments after their posts. Have fun talking to all our Life in Japan posters!

Do you have an interesting job? Do you do something that others don’t? Have you done something extraordinary? Even if you haven’t you’re interesting to our readers.

If you would like to blog here about your life in Japan please drop us a line by using the below form. Let us know a little more about yourself. Our readers are interested in knowing more of Japan and its culture so add your story here.

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Life In The Land Of The Rising Sun

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