Is Japan ruled by Korea?

Fuji TV channel( on You Tube is erupting with more than 10000 criticisms a day.

It started with Sousuke Takaoka, a Japanese actor, and his tweets condemning Fuji TV playing too much Korean content. He just said “Fuji TV should play what we Japanese people want to see.” Then he was promptly fired from his agency, Stardust Promotion.

After his dismissal, many people poured out support on his twitter page insisting he didn’t say anything wrong. This started a backlash.

Many Japanese who were not interested in watching Korean content in their living-rooms expressed their frustrations on Fuji TV’s YouTube pages, but the comments were almost immediately erased by Fuji TV.

To give further background on the subject and perhaps insight into why this spread of hanryu as it’s called in Japan, meaning the Korean wave, has produced this sudden “Korean Movement” or explosion of Korean Culture and Advertising, let’s looks at a few facts and examples. One such example that is taking place is the K-Pop Sensation, which has suddenly begun to segway into Samsung Appliances becoming “popular” in Japan, and there are other related stories, so let’s have a look behind the curtain, so to speak.

Fact 1: Many stockholders of Fuji TV are Korean and Korean residents.
Fact 2: The Korean government has hired an advertising company, Dentsu Inc., to promote Korea in a new Korean “movement” campaign.
Fact 3: Fuji TV has censored Japanese Nationalism.

Let’s start with Fact 3 and What Fuji TV has done. First, when Mao Asada won first place in a figure skating competition, Fuji TV blipped the scenes of the award ceremony and playing of the Japanese national anthem. Second, when the Japanese women’s soccer team won the 2011 World Cup, Fuji TV didn’t broadcast the award ceremony at all.

On to Fact 2. Fuji TV shows K-pop, Korean drama and Korean gossip shows all day long. Fuji TV has a spot where they rank the most popular food in Japan. The first prize is always something Korean like bulgogi Pizza, Hiyashi Kankoku, which normal Japanese most likely have never even had or seen.

And lastly Fact 1. There is no denying that Koreans own 20% or more of Fuji TV. Fuji TV has stopped sharing information on its stockholders in an effort to hide this fact.

If Korean culture such as food, K-pop and TV dramas were really organically popular in Japan, none of this would be much of a problem or even an issue, but all are fake reports or media trying to persuade the minds of the Japanese. And Sousuke Takaoka just pointed out those problems. Sousuke likened the proliferation of Korean content on Japanese TV as an act of “brainwashing.” It’s an invasion of free will, thought and expression.

Another problem is pachinko, the industry is 80% owned by Koreans, and they are a huge sponsor, but sponsoring TV programming that is Korean within the Japanese media.

Also, the Japanese main party is trying to make a new law, focused on Civil Liberties. It appears to be a great law on the surface, but it is actually a gag order law to prohibit free speech. Ultimately stripping the Japanese people of their civil rights, by allowing harassment and arrest for such things as expressing your opinion. The problem has gone beyond media and the K-Pop Sensation. It’s political as well, with the main party of Japan being caught paying money to North Korean groups that have been linked to the kid-napping of Japanese citizens. The victims of these crimes committed by this group, have been abducted and taken to North Korea. This includes PM Naoto Kan’s personal office making donations of nearly $625,000.

Worse still is this is not isolated to Japan, other countries have had battle with Korea. Most recently, Taiwan, which is currently passing a law to limit Korean influence in it’s in media due to the tactics and falsehoods spread in the messages of Korean advertisements.

So, why is it that Japanese people can’t watch their own culture’s TV shows? Why are they instead force fed Korean culture? Why do they have to watch something they are not interested in on TV?

What happens if Korea takes control of all media in Japan? Would Japan be taken over, too?
Japanese people have to get back in touch with their nationalism, their county’s spirit, and support Takaoka with courage.

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  1. word find: 
    replace 1: [nationalism] with [jingoism]
    replace 2: [fact] with [allegation]
    now you can has into journalism
    tyvm and goodnight

  2. …..”So, why is it that Japanese people can’t watch their own culture’s TV
    shows? Why are they instead force fed Korean culture? Why do they have
    to watch something they are not interested in on TV?”

    Change the fucking channel. I’m an American and I think half of what MTV chooses to show are stupid so I simply don’t watch it. I don’t go knocking on MTV’s doors and demand different shows.

    This is simply a case of xenophobic Japanese nationalists afraid of change.

  3. Excuse me for my poor English, but please let me answer some things, especially about FACT2.
    You say it isn’t a big deal about Korea hiring a Japanese company to promote. It isn’t. But HOW they promote is a big problem.
    If they want to advertise, they can do so in a way that is obvious. If the Korean popstars just kept running commercial ads between programs, nobody would be making a fuss. But this isn’t the way they do it.Fuji TV, which was once the most watched TV station and still has a big influence, has sunk to being a dog of the Koreans. These are just a fex examples:

    1. They keep introducing new K-pop stars saying that they are already a big boom when nobody has ever heard of them, and sings songs about how much Japanese love these so-called stars.

    2. Puts little posters of K-pop stars in a long-loved anime show’s(aired for over 40 years) background.

    3. In Tanabata (which is a traditional Japanese event in which people write down there wishes on paper and hang them on bamboo grass), an announcer made a report next to a bamboo with wishes like “I want to go to KARA’s live” and “I want nice legs like Shoujo-jidai” (both of which are Korean pop groups). These wishes are a little weird, since KARA’s live tickets aren’t hard to get at all, and if you wanted to look like somebody, wouldn’t you put down an individuals name, instead of naming a group of 10 or so people?

    4. They made a panel showing how Kimchi hotpot is the most popular hotpot in almost every age group (very very unlikely), and another claiming that pizza of some korean flavour was the most popular in a pizza chain (which is completely untrue, as you could easily check out on the particular chain store’s official website)

    5. They exaggerate the popularity of K-pop stars, with telops saying that 800 fans went to the airport to welcome some unknown star, when there were obviously not even 80 on screen. Moreover, these “fans” were people PAID 2,000 yen and given lunch packs for the event. (On the other hand, people participating in the Fuji demo were said to be about 600, when in reality over 6000 were there)

    Don’t you see? Fuji TV acts as if Korean culture is already a phenomenon, when in reality most of the Japanese people don’t even know or care. They keep going on about how Korean dramas are popular and run hours and hours of them, when in fact the ratings keep falling. In a major national TV station, this is just not tolerable.

    Other events that made people mad are:

    5. When Mao Asada, a well-known and loved Japanese figure skater, won the World Figure Skating Championships, Fuji TV called her for a news show and made her stand and talk behind a almost 2-meter wide panel of her TRIPPING. On another day, they kept going on and on about how the Korean skater SHOULD have won the championships, IF she hadn’t been in bad condition, ending with a panel showing the number of commercial ads the two skaters were in in each of their own countries, and saying that the Korean skater, on the whole, has more popularity (as if anyone cares about the number of their ads!). If this was a Korean news show, it would be completely understandable, but in Japan, when a Japanese won? I think not.

    6. Fuji TV cut the whole awading cermony and National Anthem when Japanese skaters won the World Championships, but broadcasted the whole thing when a Korean skater won. Daniel above commented that Fuji probably just decided to cut the cermony because it wouldn’t be getting a lot of views, but is it probable that another country’s National Anthem broadcast would get any more? In fact, a lot of complaints were made then, and Fuji TV apologized and made a comment about not having enough time (as if, when it wasn’t even a live broadcast). But then they went and cut the awarding cermony when the Japanese women’s soccor team won the World Cup for the first time ever.

    7. When the tsunami hit Japan in 3.11, Fuji TV kept repeating about how Korea made a major donation. This is partly true, but mostly false. It is true that the Korean people made donations for us, for which we are grateful, but what Fuji TV doesn’t say is that the Korean government decided to use 70% of the money collected for their own anti-Japan movement concerning Takeshima. The money actually sent was a minimum. Of course, the amount of the money is not an issue, but although Fuji TV repeatedly reported how much Koreans were helping us, they somehow failed to tell us about Taiwan, who aired charity shows for us and made the biggest (and huge) donations, easily over ten times of the Koreans.

    8. The day after Hiroshima was nuked in 1945, they aired a TV drama show with the leading actress wearing a T-shirt saying “LITTLE BOY”, a name for the bomb dropped. They also aired a show with a magazine with a cover saying “JAP18” (it seems that 18 is a Korean term meaning f*cks)

    9.When a Zainichi Korean commits a crime, they hide the fact that he is Korean and give only his Japanese name, even hiding the tekondo signboard on the scene of the crime.

    10. There are some deplorable events during the news, such as an announcer saying “Oh, this is laughable” in the background during a interview a few days after the tsunami hit (I hope you can imagine how the nonstop news was for the few days. The death toll kept rising, more and more towns were found to be lost, and the nuclear power plant was in serious condition (well it still is). NOTHING was laughable). Another announcer was caught laughing while reporting a funeral of a Japanese soccor player.
    Lastly to make things straight, this whole Fuji TV business is NOT about Japan vs Korea. It’s about Japanese people vs Fuji TV’s biased and anti-Japanese (yes, anti-Japanese!) programs and news. All of the things I have said are true. There are many videos and pictures proving it, so if you can’t believe it, just check out YouTube.
    Fuji TV hasn’t yet made a satisfactory comment about this whole movement, instead spreading stories that the people angry are just racists jealous of how popular Koreans are. This is a LIE. Polls made on other TV stations all say that Japanese don’t even care about Korean stars or the like. Fuji cannot answer for any of these events above, so instead they try to shift the point to racism. This is why people who don’t understand say things like “Then why don’t you protest against American programs?”. People who can’t understand how serious this problem is, please try imagining everything happening in you own country (by a country who hates you).
    And people saying that the fact that over 20% (in fact, nearly 30%) of the stock is owned by foreigners is not a problem, please read sij’s comment and think again. If you still think that it isn’t a problem, then I guess it isn’t even worth trying to talk.

    Thank you for reading.

  4. I forgot another thing.
    Celebrities and other well-known people talking about how this whole Korean propaganda somehow cease to be seen on screen. On a midnight show, a comedian who simply said that he personaly prefered Jpop to Kpop didn’t appear on the show since the next week, although his partner (who said that he liked Kpop) was still there.

  5. Because The South Korean Brando committee pays Fuji Television money, Fuji Television tells a lie as South Korea is a wonderful country. 

    Fuji Television is unfair.  

  6. Lmao this is ridiculous, don’t they have remote controls in Japan? Fancy robotic ones lol? This is one channel everyone is talking about, yea? Considering over here in the states we have a channel for just black people, Indian Bollywood, Latino, Korean, nobody complains, we just use the REMOTE CONTROL! No matter how you cut it, its a Japanese problem at a Japanese station, yes? Which you turned into some Korean Government conspiracy involving propaganda and subliminal messages when the simple fact is everyone likes to make money, yall are on some bullshit, smells like racism to me, always bitching about Koreans, wtf. Let me get this straight, you guys are trying to make the argument that because some pop stars are on a station in Japan you will somehow lose your culture?!! Lmfao, seriously..? Rest assured, as crazy as yall are about your “culture” and heritage no amount of dancing pop stars are going to erase it from your mind, you’re just using this as an excuse to hate Koreans pure and simple. Tbh I’d be more worried about radiation. I’ve been to Japan and Korea, I have never seen Koreans stealing any of your culture as you guys describe on Youtube with snippets from actual TV stations no less which is appalling to say the least, the food is completely different, I’ve seen massive amounts of Kimchi in Japan though, wtf is that about? Oh the little candy snacks? Gtfoh, I’ve seen Koreans living in Japan and vice versa and with that going on its no surprise you have cross-over, its not some conspiracy. They’re rude and they cut in line? Lol its not rude to debase Koreans on TV though right? On the surface you guys have cutesy little anime cartoons and the belief that everything in Japan is well-mannered and courteous, beneath it? The opposite. Korea from what I experienced is pretty quiet when you’re actually there, they watch/read Japanese shows and manga, I never once seen them spaz out like supremacist maniacs over it, propaganda? The only propaganda I’ve seen is how anime and Super Mario has made every American kid forget everything thats happened with this notion that you’re all noble samurais into light-hearted ways of living, pure horse-shit… If it wasn’t for the Koreans you would have nobody to blame every goddamn thing on, they steal your culture? Thats illogical, you invaded Korea and somehow THEY stole YOUR culture? Smh.. Take responsibility for your own shit, all of it and let go of the denial, you know exactly what Im talking about, all you want to do is talk and debate. Japan has a superiority complex and Korea is always on the defensive.    

  7. News for you, Japan is not the states.
    The states cover people from all over the world, of course their content is a broad variation of crap. But your people ask for it.You life in a country with many different cultures where none is dominant, you don’t know better.It’s not just that korean content is shown on channels such as Fuji TV, it’s the fact that it’s not even popular but still shown. Isn’t that weird, there’s no “money” in it. It’s brainwashing the younger generation and make them believe korea is “so” good.The koreans are after everything Japan has to offer, but the Japanese won’t just take that from that split-in-two country of a korea.Japan is letting the voice out!

  8. All are nonsense here. Main shareholders of Fuji are Japanese banks not Koreans. The problem is that  their management especially of general managers class are pretending leftist. Takaoka’s problem was caused by his way of talking. It was seemed that he violated the formation right The Japanese government at that time was in the hands of leftists, democrats. Private enterprise like Fuji may lose the license of broadcasting if the democrats antagonized the management. If you feel anything to offend you it is your responsibility to choose democrats as a ruling party.

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