Osaka Mayor Hashimoto’s “Restoration” Movement And The Need for Change in Japanese Politics

Japanese political parties are assemblies of special interest-representing hacks, combined in factions headed by big money commanding scions of political dynasties who accept power as a birthright (or, rather the “family business”) and have no new ideas for resolving Japan’s problems.  The parties are without clear or (especially) consistent policy platforms, defining themselves almost exclusively (issue-by-issue) in opposition to whatever the ruling or other opposition parties are proposing.

Thus, the Japanese national political scene is shifting, unpredictable, largely unproductive, and hugely (for citizens) frustrating circus-like affair, a kind of diversionary entertainment, but only for people of the mind that likes riddles, puzzles, and the occasional histrionic protest.

Read the rest of the story: Osaka Mayor Hashimoto’s “Restoration” Movement Auguring Change in Japan’s National Politics.

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