Sub captures on film a giant squid in Pacific Abyss

Scientists and broadcasters said Monday they have captured footage of an elusive giant squid deep in the North Pacific that may have been up to 8 meters long before losing its two long tentacles.

The National Science Museum was able to film the deep-sea creature in its natural habitat for the first time, working with NHK and the U.S. Discovery Channel.

They spotted the squid at a depth of 630 meters using a submersible in July, some 15 km east of Chichi Island, part of the Ogasawara chain. The submarine with three people on board, including Tsunemi Kubodera from the museum, followed the enormous mollusk to a depth of 900 meters as it swam into the abyss.

NHK showed footage of the silver-colored creature, which had huge black eyes, as it swam against the current, holding a bait squid in its arms against the backdrop of the dark depths.

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