A Different Binding for Every Board

Board-based sports such as wakeboarding and snowboarding owe their techniques, styles and equipment designs to one another. Look for even a few seconds and it’s easy to spot the similarities between what at first seem to be completely different sports. The truth is they are far closer together than most people imagine, right down to the specialized pieces of gear used. While wakeboarding happens on water and snowboarding of course is on snow each discipline requires some necessary tools beyond the board. Both require special bindings to hold the feet in place while riding. For an easy place to separate the different styles of bindings and see what makes each unique to its board type visit here www.WiredSport.com will provide the top manufacturers for each sport.

Snowboard bindings are unique in that they typically don’t come with the boot attached as well. Snowboarders must buy bindings and boots separately. This means the binding is essentially just a skeletal structure with feet and ankle supports in the necessary places and straps to tighten everything down. The sole of the binding latches on to the snowboard to hold it in place and the foot and boot slide inside the structure. From there all straps are tightened and the foot cannot shift around or slide at all on the board. The best bindings feature high ankle supports so riders don’t lean too far in one direction. They’ll also have large ratchets on the straps for using them without removing bulky snow gloves.

Wakeboard bindings by comparison will usually feature the boot and locking assembly as one unit. This means the sole of the boot is thicker and features a hard base that secures on to the wakeboard. The purpose is the same as snowboard bindings: to prevent the rider from shifting around at all while moving. Because the boot is a part of the binding assembly there are usually not as many straps involved as with snowboard bindings. Instead simple lacing and thick, snug cushioning is used to secure feet in place. Your feet should fit comfortably inside with no shifting. Keep in mind that things move differently when wet so make sure the bindings feel a bit tighter than you’d like to ensure they don’t start slipping once you dive in the water.

A good pair of bindings is key to a successful trip either on a wakeboard or snowboard. Like the board itself they help make the sport work. Trust the top brands at WiredSport to deliver exceptional comfort and performance no matter which style you settle on.

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