Harumafuji — Sumo’s 70th Yokozuna

The 2012 Aki Basho will forever be remembered as the tournament at which ozeki Harumafuji, winner of the previous Nagoya Basho with a perfect 15-0 record, mirrored his performance in July and guaranteed his promotion to the rank of yokozuna.

He will be the 70th individual in the 255 years since the sport’s first official ranking sheet was released to hold the title, and will now compete with his predecessor Hakuho to be ranked on the more prestigious eastern side of the banzuke.

In what was perhaps one of the most dominant displays of sumo by an ozeki since the ascent of Hakuho five years ago, or perhaps Takanohana back in 1994, the 28-year-old Mongolian has certainly earned his place atop the roughly 650 men now in sumo, but questions must be asked about how long he will stay there.

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