KANPEI EARTH Marathon – One Man Around the World

This is quite a feat. Hazama Kanpei is running and sailing around the world!

He has already started working his way across America and is in Arizona at the time of this post. The videos on his site are great inspiration and show how far and much human spirit and generosity abound.

As well as KANPEI EARTH Marathon being an enormous personal challenge, Kanpei-san is also the official ambassador for the Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid, and will run to reach Copenhagen on October 2, where it will be announced which city will host the 2016 games.

Join Hazama Kanpei as he runs and sails non-stop around the world! Check out his website for schedule details and be a part of this man’s journey.

In his own words:

One man.

A hugely successful and much-loved comedian.

A hardened and powerful ultra-marathon runner.

One man, with a spectacular vision.

Approaching the age of 60, now is the moment
to set off once again on a long, long journey
to make an unbelievable dream a reality,
and to add another page to his extraordinary life and career.

To run.

To run and sail around this planet,
this huge, round planet Earth,
with nothing but his own two legs to propel him.
Wind power to cross the oceans, the power in his legs to cross the land.
His vision is to become one with this precious star.
To be close to it; be one with it; to feel it; with his whole body and his whole soul.

In the morning he will face into the rising sun, and run.
As the day passes, so the sun passes over his head, and he will run.
And run, while the sun warms his back and sink slowly
beneath the horizon in the west.

Each and every day, 30 miles eastward.
With that one, simple goal, – eastward, eastward, each and every day
when 30 monthshave passed, he will find himself back
in the very same spot from where his journey began.

And over those 30 months he will make friends with a myriad of different people,
each and every one of them sharing this planet as their home.
He will experience the unimaginable vastness of nature,
and all the wonders that mankind has bequest to this star
over its long and complex history.

And he will try to feel out something of the wisdom that mankind needs
to continue to live and to prosper in the Earth’s embrace.

This one man’s unprecedented challenge is a pilgrimage to the Planet Earth.

KANPEI Earth Marathon

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