Meet the Reed Family – Olympic Ice Dancers

The Reed family celebrated. Suddenly, they had three Olympians, not just two, at the dinner table, but none were skating for the United States. Allison’s older siblings, Cathy, 22, and Chris, 20, were headed to Vancouver as ice dancers, too — for Japan. The ice dancing competition began with the compulsory dance Friday.

“I know it sounds a little crazy and confusing but we’re so happy to be at the Olympics together, no matter what country we’re representing,” Cathy Reed said of the three-Olympian family. “To be honest with you, this whole experience has been a little crazy.”

The Reed children were born in Kalamazoo, Mich. Their mother, Noriko, is from Japan. Their father, Robert Reed, was born and raised in Nebraska. While Chris and Cathy have obvious ties to Japan, Allison did not have any connection to Georgia before becoming one of its athletes.

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