Japan Completing 3 new Nuclear Reactor Plants despite no-nuclear policy 2040 mandate

The government said Saturday it would go ahead with planned work to complete three new nuclear power reactors, despite saying a day earlier it would phase out nuclear power generation by 2040.

The construction of the reactors at three different plants was suspended after a massive earthquake and tsunami sparked the Fukushima nuclear crisis on March 11 last year—the worst such accident in a generation.

“We don’t intend to withdraw the permission that has already been given by the ministry,” Yukio Edano, the minister of economy, trade and industry, said on Saturday as he met local administrators in Aomori, according to reports.

Two of the reactors are located at plants in Aomori while the third is in Shimane Prefecture.

Edano added, however, that the start-up of the reactors would be subject to approval by a newly created government commission to regulate nuclear power.


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