2channel, Japans Largest Website, used by Illegal Drug Trafficking Ring

Drugs, and drug culture, are common and prevalent in much of the West. Ditto for Japan, even if superficially the country seems immune to such devices. Its not.

Sometimes buying drugs in Japan is as easy as walking up to someone standing on a corner in Tokyos Roppongi. Sometimes, its far more complex, say, if you are in some small town or a boring suburb. Enter the internet.

Twenty-year-old Ryuji Ota and 9 other accomplices set up a drug trafficking ring on 2channel, the countrys largest bulletin board. Westerners are perhaps familiar with 4chan, which was inspired by Japans Futaba Channel 2chan.net, which was created during looming threats of a 2channel shutdown.

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2channel hacked

Japan’s top Internet forum 2channel was offline Tuesday after an apparent mass hacker attack from South Korea over slanderous comments on their Olympic figure skating queen Kim Yu-Na.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that more than 10,000 users had launched a “concerted cyber offensive” and coordinated their attacks through web communities since Monday against the popular site www.2ch.net.

The site, launched in 1999, allows users to post comments on hundreds of topics, from politics and sports to entertainment and manga cartoons, without providing a user name, a model meant to boost online freedom of speech.

But the site has repeatedly become a forum for right-wing nationalists and users posting xenophobic slurs, especially against South Korea and China.

The 2ch forum is Japan’s largest online bulletin board by number of users and page views, according to Internet research firm NetRatings Japan.

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