Sony releasing 3-D music videos

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan decided to expand their PlayStation Store to sell 3-D music videos.

The 3-D music videos are available on the Playstation 3, and are the first ones available in Japan. As of today, there are four videos available: Genki Rocket’s “make.believe,” Ikimonogakkari’s “Arigatou,” UVERworld’s “GOLD,” and MISIA feat. M2J+Francis Jocky’s “Maware Maware.” MISIA’s video cost 700 yen (about 8 USD) to download, and all the other videos cost 730 yen (about 8.50 USD). All sales are done with unlimited views available after purchase.

Genki Rocket’s “make.believe” song is also getting a lot of attention, as it is the theme song for the Sony brand in Japan, and it was previously unveiled in 3-D at Sony’s World Cup event. Sony is also planning to screen the 3-D video for “make.believe” again at their Good Design Expo 2010 this weekend in Tokyo, so interested fans can always go there for a sneak peek before they spend money on the Playstation 3 version.

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