Whale Wars – Sea Shepherd deliberately sank protest boat to gain sympathy

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd deliberately sank its own high-tech protest boat to gain sympathy after a January collision with a Japanese whaling ship, the former skipper of the boat said Thursday in a public spat with the conservation group’s founder.New Zealand anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune said the protest boat Ady Gil was salvageable after the collision, but he was ordered by Sea Shepherd head Paul Watson to scuttle it."Paul Watson was my admiral," he said on New Zealand radio. "He gave me an order and I carried it out."Sea Shepherd denied Watson issued such an order, and said it had been unable to tow the boat and stop it from sinking.

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Whale Wars – Ady Gil Sunk – Antiwhaling vessel damaged and then sunk after skirmish

Antiwhaling group the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society confirmed Friday that their stealth powerboat, the Ady Gil, sank in waters off Antarctica after it was severely damaged in a skirmish with Japanese whalers. Locky Maclean, first mate on board the group’s flagship vessel, the Steve Irwin, told Kyodo News the Ady Gil was being towed by their other boat, the Bob Barker, when it sank around 4:20 a.m. Melbourne time. (AP)