AKB48 contest to appear on cover of FLASH magazine with your favorite member

On September 20th, idol group AKB48 is holding its 2nd Senbatsu Janken tournament to decide the participants for the group’s 24th single, to be released this December. Like last year, the group will release an official guidebook, but this year’s book comes with a chance of a lifetime. Fans who predict the top 8 winners of the tournament, in order, will be able to appear on the cover of weekly magazine FLASH along with their favorite member.

The guidebook, which goes on sale on September 5th for a retail price of 1,000 yen, comes with an application sheet for fans to submit their predictions.

71 members are expected to participate in this year’s tournament, though replacements have not yet been announced for NMB48’s Shimada Rena and AKB48’s Oba Mina. With that many competitors and a huge amount of luck involved, the probability of correctly predicting the order of the top 8 is incredibly low (worse than 1 in 1 trillion). However, should it happen, the prize of appearing on a magazine cover with an idol group member would be unprecedented.

Fans who correctly predict the top 3 in order (a much better chance) will receive a special present. Out of those, 10 people will be chosen through lottery to receive invitations to an AKB48 concert after-party. Also, those who correctly predict the top 3 (not necessarily in order) will get to watch an AKB48 concert from VIP seats.