Japan rules Samsung infringed on Apple bounce back patent

A Tokyo court has ruled that Samsung infringed on Apple’s patent covering a “bounce-back” feature used on the latter’s smartphones and tablets.

Reuters reported Friday that Apple had alleged Samsung copied its “bounce-back” function, in which icons on smartphones and tablets quiver back when users scroll to the end of an electronic document.

Samsung has already changed its interface on recent models to show a blue line at the end of documents, the report noted.

The court’s decision comes after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in April said Apple’s patent for the “bounce-back” feature was invalid, allowing older Samsung models with a similar feature to remain on sale.


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Apple to sell ebooks in Japan

Apple will launch a fully fledged iBookstore in Japan this year, Japanese newspaper The Nikkei reports [paywall, only a snippet is free]. While iBooks has been available there since 2010, Apple and other e-reading companies faced reluctant publishers.

Now, with Kindle , Kobo, Google and Sony all selling ebooks in Japan, Apple reportedly has agreements with Japanese publishers Shogakukan, Kodansha and Kadokawa.

The timing of the launch is unclear. While The Nikkei says it could happen as early as this month,…

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iPad 2 released in Japan!

Apples iPad 2 went on sale in Japan today, with customers intent on snapping up the latest version of the popular tablet.More than 400 people lined-up at Apples Tokyo to get their hands on the new gadget.Some buyers said the thinner, lighter and faster iPad was something definitely worth queueing up for.

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Apple selling pirated Japanese novels?

Publishers in Japan demanded Tuesday that Apple stop selling pirated digital copies of novels by Japanese authors, including Haruki Murakamis "1Q84", in its online book store."We have no choice but to deem it illegal that Apple Inc. distributes materials which clearly violate copyright," a consortium of Japanese book publishers said in a statement sent to Apples Japanese subsidiary.It said that Apples App Store had distributed pirated digital editions of works by famous Japanese authors including Murakami and Keigo Higashino."Some of the works have been deleted in response to requests from authors and publishers but a majority of them continue to be illegally distributed," the statement said.The consortium includes the Japan Book Publishers Association, the Japan Magazine Publishers Association, the Electronic Book Publishers Association of Japan, and the Digital Comic Association.It called on Apple to set up a section to handle requests for deletion of pirated copies and to fight digital piracy.

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