Video Egypt: Balloon crashes near Luxor killing 19 tourists – Video

British, French, Hungarian, Hong Kong and Japanese nationals are among 19 tourists killed in a hot air balloon crash near the Egyptian city of Luxor.

The balloon was at 300m (1,000ft) when it caught fire and plunged into fields west of the ancient city.

At least two people, including the balloon’s pilot, are reported to have jumped out of the balloon before it crashed.

Officials in Luxor say they have now banned all hot air balloon flights.

The UK Foreign Office said that two British nationals and one British resident had died. One of them was said to have undergone five hours of surgery in an effort to save his life, but died of his injuries. Another Briton is in a stable condition in hospital.

“The next of kin have been informed and our thoughts are with them and their families at this difficult time. We are providing them with consular assistance,” it said in a statement.

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