A Rising Star Rebecca Flint – Beckii Cruel

At 14-years old Beckii’s popularity in Japan rocketed after her YouTube videos were picked up by the popular Japanese website Niko Niko Douga. Her Japanese DVD debut, This is Beckii Cruel: Too Cute to be Real, was released last November and debuted at number eight on Japan’s DVD charts.

Her success has led publishing giant Tokuma Japan to sign up Beckii, teaming her with 18-year-old French college student “Sara Cruel”, from Lyon, and a 16-year-old student from Portsmouth known as “Gemma Cruel”. The trio – Beckii Cruel and the Cruel Angels – release their debut album in Japan on Wednesday, when it is expected to reach the top of the charts.

Beckii’s looks have created a sensation in Japan, where she has become a “moe idol”, a female worshipped for her small face, large eyes and slender limbs, similar to those found in anime characters – the Japanese animation-style heavily influenced by manga comic books.

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