Final Fantasy XIII-2 Bestselling Game of 2012 and Tops on Amazon Japan’s Best-Seller List

Final Fantasy XIII-2, the latest Final Fantasy game from Japanese RPG stalwart Square Enix, is the bestselling game of 2012 on Amazon’s Japanese storefront. The company published a comprehensive list of all the top-selling products in all departments for the last six months (December 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012), and Final Fantasy XIII-2 was the leader of all gaming products.

The unusually-titled Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a sequel to 2009′s hotly-anticipated Final Fantasy XIII. XIII sold a million copes in its first day in Japan but was met with mixed reviews in the United States and Europe. XIII-2 addressed recurring criticisms echoed in those reviews and was generally better-received, although it only sold half as well as XIII did. In a dubious honor, Final Fantasy XIII was the top traded-in game during the same sales period.

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