Violations involving reckless cyclists rising in Japan

Japan is considering changing road traffic violation punishments for cyclists after it was revealed that almost 4,000 violations took place across the country last year.

According to a nationwide survey by the National Police Agency, 3,956 violations by cyclists were logged in 2011, TBS reported Friday.

About 32.2% of the violations involved riders with brakeless “piste bikes,” also known as “fixed brake bikes” or “fixies” on public roads. In Japan, the law requires that bicycles have both front and rear brakes. Failure to install both before riding on a public road is punishable by a fine of up to 50,000 yen.

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The new view on Urban planning

blue_goals_spotWhat most mayors are realizing is that they have too many people and no way to get them in and out of the city efficiently. The world of the automobile making us mobile is over. It now is only a main source of frustration and congestion in most cities. And the automobile does nothing but hinder, pollute, and worsen the air quality for most city residents that don’t own a car. It is now the time to start planning for people not cars. Start rejuvenating our cities by turning old parking lots into gardens and places to park bikes. Make bike lanes and put sidewalks along roads for walkers. Add in some mass transit such as buses, trains, and subways. Then connect these cities together with high-speed bullet trains instead of highways.

It’s been proven in places where buses, subways, and trains are built that people make the switch from cars to mass transit. So what are we waiting for again? The traffic to clear?