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Japan at the UN: $2bln environment rescue package for developing countries to stay natural

Japan announced Wednesday a two-billion-dollar environment rescue package for developing countries in a bid to kick-start tense UN talks aimed at securing a pact on saving biodiversity.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Japan wanted to help lead the world in protecting the world’s animals and plants from extinction, and offered the money to poor nations over the next three years.

"Our generation must resist the ongoing extinction and bequeath to future generations our rich and abundant earth," Kan said as he unveiled his government’s aid package that would be spent on protecting ecosystems.

Kan was addressing delegates from more than 190 countries who are in the central Japanese city of Nagoya trying to broker a treaty aimed at ending the world’s rapid loss of biodiversity.

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Japan’s Biodiversity Duty

Major international talking shops often attract protesters, but those that took to the streets on the opening day of the COP10 biological diversity conference displayed a more voracious appetite than the usual activists.

Hundreds of kilometres from the congress centre in Nagoya, two female bears were spotted Monday combing for food near a primary school in Sharicho, Hokkaido. They were shot and killed before anyone was injured. And in the early hours of Tuesday, three bears were sighted roaming the streets of a town in Fukushima Prefecture.

Sightings of bears on streets across the country have reportedly increased in the past few months as the bears find food sources such as acorns increasingly scarce in their natural habitats of mountain forests and satoyama.

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Largest forest reserve in Japan announced

A forest reserve area of about 240,000 hectares will be established in national forests extending from the Daisetsu to Hidaka mountain ranges in Hokkaido next month, it has been learned.

The planned conservation area will be the largest of its kind in the nation. It will increase by 2.5 times the current area of such reserves, to an area greater than that of Tokyo, which is about 220,000 hectares.

The Forestry Agency will designate the zones as forest biodiversity protection areas to protect old-growth forests with abundant biodiversity.

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